Feast of the Presentation of the Lord in the Temple – 2nd February 2020

Last Sunday’s Gospel Reading gave us the Third Luminous Mystery of the Rosary: Christ announcing the Kingdom of God.  This Sunday, the Feast Day of “The Presentation of the Lord”, we are presented with another mystery of the Rosary, i.e. the Fourth Joyful Mystery. In obedience to the law given by God to Moses, Jesus was presented in the Temple and Mary His mother was purified.  Yet, he was the true and new Temple, the true focal point where right praise and worship is given to God.

The Presentation of the Lord in the temple marks the 40th  day after Christmas. 

In the Eastern Church today’s feast is called the Hypapante, the Meeting – highlighting the meeting between Jesus and Simeon.  It was at the meeting that Simeon, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, blessed God with a canticle, the Nunc Dimittis, in which he pleaded God to dismiss him.  His life’s purpose has reached its fulfilment and climax for having met and seen the true Light that is Christ the Lord.  Simeon asked for the dismissal only after declaring Christ to be the ‘light for the revelation to the Gentiles, and for glory to [God’s] people, Israel’. 

We are reminded of our final goal in life, to meet God in glory.  The Eucharist is a pledge of this final meeting.  May we too be obedient according to the Laws of the new covenant that Jesus will present us to His Father, as Mary and Joseph once presented Him.                      

God bless, Fr Michael

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